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Connecting Football Clubs with On-Demand Merchandise Solutions

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    The Terrace
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    Bespoke Software

Project Overview.

The Terrace, a dynamic enterprise catering to football fans with on-demand merchandise, faced the challenge of streamlining order management and fulfilment processes while connecting with various sales channels. Mass Creations stepped in to develop a bespoke software solution tailored to bridge The Terrace with football clubs, facilitating seamless order handling and fulfilment.


Research & Processing.

Custom Software Development:

Understanding the unique demands of The Terrace, our team embarked on creating a specialized software platform. The goal was clear: to establish a robust connection between The Terrace and football clubs, ensuring efficient management of the extensive range of merchandise offered.

Multi-Channel Integration:

Recognizing the importance of reaching fans across diverse platforms, our solution included integration with multiple sales channels. This approach not only broadened the market reach for The Terrace but also simplified the complexities involved in managing orders from various sources.

Bespoke Database and Fulfillment System:

At the core of our solution was a custom-built database designed to meticulously track orders from inception to fulfillment. This system was engineered to automate the process, providing real-time tracking information to both The Terrace and their customers. Furthermore, the integration of custom reporting tools offered The Terrace valuable insights into sales data, aiding in strategic decision-making.


Discuss & Plan

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Design & Build

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Testing & Delivery

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Final Result

Find out the Project solution.

Our collaboration with The Terrace resulted in a comprehensive software solution that transformed their operational capabilities:

Streamlined Order Management:

The bespoke software facilitated a smooth workflow for handling and fulfilling orders, directly impacting the efficiency of operations.

Enhanced Sales Channel Connectivity:

By integrating with multiple sales channels, The Terrace experienced an expansion in their customer base and a more unified approach to online sales.

Improved Customer Satisfaction:

The automation of order tracking and fulfillment processes led to faster delivery times and enhanced transparency, significantly improving the customer experience.


Sales Channels


Orders Proccessed