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    Social Chain
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    Bespoke Software

Project Overview.

Social Chain, a prominent digital publisher known for its vast social media reach and popular editorial sites Gamebyte, FragHero, and Sporf, sought Mass Creations' expertise to optimize their existing code and infrastructure. With a combined social following of over 20 million, the challenge was to enhance technical SEO capabilities and ensure the sites could effortlessly handle millions of page views per month.


Research & Processing.

Code Optimization:

Our initial focus was on refining and optimizing the current codebase for each site. By conducting a comprehensive audit, we identified areas for improvement that could enhance site performance, speed, and user experience, directly impacting technical SEO rankings.

Infrastructure Enhancement:

Understanding the volume of traffic these sites receive, we upgraded the infrastructure to support scalability. This involved implementing advanced caching strategies, optimizing server configurations, and ensuring seamless content delivery to accommodate the influx of page views.

SEO Strategy Implementation:

To further elevate the sites' visibility and search rankings, we deployed a tailored technical SEO strategy. This included optimizing site architecture, improving meta tags and URLs for search engine crawling, and enhancing mobile responsiveness.


Discuss & Plan

Collaboratively define your project goals and outline a strategic roadmap for your web or software development.


Design & Build

Transform your vision into reality with custom designs and robust development, creating innovative web and software solutions.


Testing & Delivery

Rigorously ensure product excellence and efficiently deploy your final web and software solutions.

Final Result

Find out the Project solution.

The collaboration between Social Chain and Mass Creations yielded remarkable outcomes:

  • Improved Site Performance
  • Increased Scalability
  • Boosted SEO Rankings

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