April 11, 2020
The Terrace
terrace store banner

How it Works

T he Terrace are a company providing merchidise for clubs and their main aim is to connect clubs to fans. The growth of The Terrace has sky rocketed recently, acquiring major partnerships with licensed football clubs. They approached us needing to handle this growth through web design and automated business processes allowing them to focus on growing the business further!

“Mass Creations have been an integral cog to our rapid growth and success.”
– Carl Sewell

Website Redesign

The first project was to redesign the website to help drive sales and give a modern touch, this required a brand new approach with consideration of products. We focused on the artwork to really showcase the products, the high quality design helped increase sales but also the acknowledgement from other licenced clubs, The Terrace have now signed partnerships with 24 other clubs since.

The user experience is key to make sure customers found the products quickly and retain interest. The store has over 4,000 products and is constantly growing, Mass Creations designed an intuitive search and filtering system to help customers.

Bespoke Software

With orders growing fast The Terrace needed to streamline the process from customer order to delivery. After spending a day at Terrace HQ this allowed us to identify the bottlenecks and where hours could be saved. Here is just a few:

  • Personalised Artwork
  • Processing Orders with Multiple Couriers

Personalised Artwork

If a customer placed a personalised order one of the staff members would manually add this and print the order. As the growth was so fast this was not feasible. We at Mass Creations developed software that would process the personalised request and automatically produced an art file to be printed. This would save many hours in the day and allowed The Terrace to focus on other departments like growing the business.

Processing Orders with Multiple Couriers

The previous setup for processing orders involved a manually intervention to be able to generate shipment labels. Mass Creations worked closely with The Terrace to develop bespoke software that removed this bottleneck. With the use of external API’s this allowed orders to be extracted automatically and then pushed to relevant shipping company depending on weights